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Digital collage from a different funky universe

I decided it’s time for me to showcase some of my own work, namely my digital collages. The first one was created in 2005 after a visit to a friend in Spain. Having collected all sorts of things since childhood, the flamboyant gay man with the baroque wig was responsible for turning my collection into a creative laboratory. I found him on a leaflet in Barcelona, announcing a major gay disco event. When I came back home, he just fit right in with the glossy collectable pictures I had gotten from my sister as a child. In the background I put a starry sky and space rockets from my father’s 1950s trading cards collection. The resulting piece can be seen underneath. Since then I have been steadily adding new works to my digital collage universe, with the herbal Jesus as the latest addition, made in 2011. They were all part of an exhibition in Mumbai, India in 2011, together with Ismael Sanz Peña’s animations. Himali Singh Soin arranged the exhibition and actually made it happen. To see more of my artwork, look here.

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Inspiring Artwork From Behance.net

Behance is sort of the facebook for graphic designers and illustrators. It has a great layout and is good for promoting you own art and discovering other creative talents. In my opinion though, there is an overrepresentation of the less creative digital designers, but that I guess is just as much a criticism of the design world and society as a whole. Here are works from a few artists I think stand out on behance:

Amrei Hofstätter is an animator and illustrator from Germany. I like her funky psychedelic 3-d style.
Robert Connett, from USA, paints psychedelic fantasy landscapes, reminding of the LP-Cover art of the seventies.
Pablo Alfieri is a graphic designer from Argentina, with a unique style of 3-D modelling.

John Clowder, from USA, makes surrealistic collages, reminding of Max Ernst and Erro.
Ivan Semesyuk, from Ukraine, makes hilarious textile art and paintings in a unique naive style.