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Inspiring Artwork From Behance.net

Behance is sort of the facebook for graphic designers and illustrators. It has a great layout and is good for promoting you own art and discovering other creative talents. In my opinion though, there is an overrepresentation of the less creative digital designers, but that I guess is just as much a criticism of the design world and society as a whole. Here are works from a few artists I think stand out on behance:

Amrei Hofstätter is an animator and illustrator from Germany. I like her funky psychedelic 3-d style.
Robert Connett, from USA, paints psychedelic fantasy landscapes, reminding of the LP-Cover art of the seventies.
Pablo Alfieri is a graphic designer from Argentina, with a unique style of 3-D modelling.

John Clowder, from USA, makes surrealistic collages, reminding of Max Ernst and Erro.
Ivan Semesyuk, from Ukraine, makes hilarious textile art and paintings in a unique naive style.

The Funky Sci-fi Art of Shusei Nagaoka

I really like Japanese illustrator Shusei Nagaoka’s artwork from the 70s and 80s. It’s full of neon glowing space ships in distant galaxies and shiny naked women encountering strange looking martians. Among his greatest achievements are his album art for bands such as Electric Light Orchestra and Earth Wind and Fire. It’s kitschy and over the top, but so much more exiting than the mostly boring album art (and music) of our era.